Steve Langston/ Finding My Passion

MY PASSION is to make unique and beautiful custom works of glass art. I currently design and fabricate windows and lighting. In the course of my career, I have explored a variety of techniques to create many forms and uses of glass. I hope you will explore my galleries to see examples of my past work for ideas. I also have a gallery of works for sale.

EDUCATION: I enrolled in the School of Architecture at the University of Oregon in 1965. I was keenly interested in the idea of creating living environments. While taking classes, I was introduced to the art and architecture of various times and places through history classes and inspirational teachers. This included an introduction to the history and use of stained glass. While at UO, I also studied graphic art and found myself inspired by art of the late 60's as well as postwar Expressionism and Pop Art. It was an exciting time to be an artist; I loved painting and making prints and posters.

In the early 1970s, I took a class in beginning stained glass taught by Alexander Baye. My thought was to create a colored glass window for my own use, but it sold immediately, as did my other nascent projects. At that time, there was a high interest in arts and crafts and an appreciation of local artists, which provided a supportive atmosphere for beginning artisans like myself.

Even though working with stained glass is demanding and time consuming craft to execute well, I was hooked after the first class. Soon, I fell into a routine of designing a project and doing the work to see it done, sometimes till dawn...

From that time, until 1981, I operated a studio in Eugene on the corner of 15th & Villard located across the street from the Kerns Art Center. I matured in my craft to the point where I became the teacher of stained glass classes there. My studio was cozy and had two large sets of windows that were wonderful for display. People used to come by at all hours just to look and talk, and sometimes even have me make something. It was there that I discovered the joy of doing custom work.

It was after I began my career in glass art that I realized stained glass incorporates art with architecture. It requires an understanding of both to be successful. What I had always found fascinating -Art and Architecture- I found myself practicing. Now, over 40 years later, I'm still fascinated by the medium and its challenges. I don't do all-nighters anymore, but my passion to create additions to homes and public environments with glass remains.

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